Having done a coastal walk from Clacton to Frinton and back, followed by a walk around London visting various Football Clubs, it was time to do my first proper Town to Town walk hitting roads, traffic, lack of walkways and experiencing some hectic moments!

I decided to venture to Colchester and unlike my previous training walks, this was one I was dreading but it gave me a real insight of what I am to expect come December. The weather played its part with rain and strong winds and I set off with my fuel for the day, sport drink and Jelly babies.  I now have a fitness instructor and one of the tips I was given was to try Jelly babies as it gives a sugar rush..

As the rain came down it was time to hit the road and as I got to the outskirts of Clacton I found the sign that said Colchester 13 miles – well that’s okay I thought bearing in mind I have done more on previous walks but how wrong I was as this walk was going to test me more than I’ve experience before.

After a few miles I came to a village called Thorrington and this was a pleasant walk as it was very calm and peaceful and very easy to walk through.  I have never heard of Thorrington so doing this walk was becoming an educational as well. The winds was picking up and becoming to be a thorn in my side as it was making the walk harder but good practice no doubt for when we hit the snow, rain and winds in December especially up in Carlisle.

A bit further on I came across an Ancient village, Alresford which also was very peaceful and made me feel that this was all going well however the worse was to come.

I suddenly hit the A133 Clingoe Hill road and boy this was brutal to say the least as there was not only no paths to walk on but no grass verges either. I had to jump into various overgrowth bushes along the way as the cars whizzed past. I was now within a cigarette paper of the wind mirrors and this was now becoming a very tense time as it was a case of mentally keeping yourself composed and ready for any vehicles coming my way.

When I reached the end of this road, I blew out a sigh of relief and when I saw the signpost Colchester 2 miles, all was being to feel better and I could feel the blood rushing back and the tense feeling slowly disappearing.  Anyway it was time to hit Colchester and yes I had a selfie saying I had arrived and now it was then time to find the Station to get the train home.  Before getting the train i had to go and pay my respects to the brave guys who lost their lives in the First World War.

This walk was achieved in just over four hours and bearing in mind I had to stop quite a few times on A133 I thought it was a good time and so headed home reliving the moments on the A133 and realising the walk from Carlisle to Ipswich isn’t going to be all plain sailing and picturesque like the coast walks but some scary moments too and some very busy roads.

As I crashed out on my sofa later that day, I was beginning to realise that I am still a long way from being 100% ready for this massive challenge but it was all becoming enjoyable in the fact that I was learning more each time about the walk, the places I visited and more importantly about myself.