The website and the walk

This website was created to raise money for the Kevin Beattie statue fund, ‘The Beat Goes On’, and for Prostate Cancer.

Originally this was planned via a charity walk between Kevin’s hometown of Carlisle starting on December 8th and Ipswich, finally arriving when the statue was due to be unveiled on December 18th, Kevin’s birthday.

However, due to lockdown the walk is now planned to take place between September 26th and October 10th 2020.

Great news too, we’ve reached our target for the statue, so the walk is now raising monies to set up a Kevin Beattie Foundation.   The statue is due to be unveiled in the near future and we’ll keep you updated on news of this.

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A Night to Remember

On February 26th 2019, I held a Night to Remember Kevin Beattie at the Royal Hotel, Clacton and it was a huge success. Sky TV reporter Stuart Jarrold, who covered Ipswich for Anglia TV, hosted the evening and there were plenty of laughs for the 200+ crowd.

The celebration featured memories and anecdotes from legendary trio Paul Mariner, Eric Gates and Brian Talbot, and the trio were in tremendous form and unanimous in their praise of Beattie, describing him as the best of his generation – strong as an ox, quick, a sublime tackler and untouchable in the air.

The former Blues heroes regaled supporters with endless tales and high jinks from the club’s halcyon days in the 1970s and early 80s. They painted a fascinating picture of a man who undoubtedly had flaws and demons but was also humble, grounded, kind and fun.

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Honouring Kevin Beattie

The Beat was president of my Independent supporters’ club and that’s how he first met. We shared so many great times together and I soon forgot he was an England international and our greatest-ever player because to me he was just the Beat.

To say I miss him is an understatement but I felt proud and honoured to have organised the event. For me he deserved to be remembered the way he would have wanted, with his adoring fans.

Because of the affection shown by the fans I decided with a friend to walk from Kevin’s hometown Carlisle to Ipswich to raise money for the Kevin Beattie Foundation.

With the trek being over 300 miles we need to aim at walking over a marathon (30 miles approx. in fact) every day for ten days.

March for Men

In September we will be walking with Jeff Stelling on his last leg of going round grounds as we walk from West Ham United FC, to Charlton Athletic FC, Millwall FC, Arsenal FC before finishing at Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Jeff has been a great help to us and that is why we have agreed to raise half the funds for the ‘The Beat Goes On campaign’ (The Statue) and half to ‘Prostate Cancer’ which is what Jeff walks for.

Our supporters and how you can help

We have also been very fortunate to have been supported also by lots of companies and on the Sponsors page you will see who has helped and how.  If you’d like to help somehow, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We have also added a Blog/Diary section which will be updated as and when something new happens and allow you to follow our journey via an interactive map, so please keep an eye on this.

Thank you for your time in looking at this website and I hope you find it enjoyable to follow.

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Every donation, no matter how large or small brings us one step closer to honouring ‘The Beat’. We’re truly humbled by your support.

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