Why the Foundation ?

Well, this is easy..

At our previous charity nights with ex-players at the now disappeared, Drum & Monkey, Kevin use to always attend and loved the fact that we raised monies for various charities such as Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, Alfie Lund and the MS Society to name but a few.

Kevin said to me once, he would love it if his name one day could help others and I never forgot him saying that, hence why the Foundation is being set up

We will every year raise funds for different causes, charities and all in the name of Kevin Beattie!

So for me, his wish has come true!

Also, for many years, Kevin gave me many happy memories and so now I feel I should repay him by keeping his name and legacy going for many years to come.

To set the Foundation up cost a lot so we are doing a mammoth walk from his birthplace Carlisle to Ipswich where he spent the majority of his life and where he was loved.    The Walk was originally planned for last December to arrive when the Statue of The Beat was unveiled.     This was cancelled when it became apparent that the Statue was not going to be ready in time and the coronavirus lockdown also postponed our walk further.

To be fair, it was not a bad thing as December would have brought problems such as limited amount of daylight plus the weather conditions would have been horrendous.   So here we are in 2020, ready to go and are waiting to announce a date for hopefully later this year, starting at Carlisle United FC and arriving at Portman Road.

As the statue has now been paid for, we have decided to raise funds for a Kevin Beattie Foundation.   To set this up is a complex project but with the support of the PFA and his family, it looks like we are nearly there.   The monies raised from the walk along with an Evening with event we have in the pipeline, will be just what we need to get up and running.

So this is where all Town fans and Football fans can help by supporting the Foundation.     This can be done by donating whatever you can afford on this site.

Below is an draft outline of what the Foundation is all about and as soon as we are all set up, we will publish all.  If anyone would like to help with the Foundation, please contact me via the following methods:

Telephone: 07743171773
E-mail: malcolmthompson10@outlook.com
By Post: Kevin Beattie Foundation.   Registered Office: 16 Abbotts Close, Brampton, Cambridgeshire, PE28 4SX.

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep the name and legacy of Kevin Beattie alive.

Our Mission

The Kevin Beattie Foundation will bring to the forefront the need for the awareness of certain illness and wellbeing and charities.

Engaging and Influencing

We will do this by:

  • Delivering a national campaign to raise general public awareness of the importance of the relevant illness/charity.
  • Raising the profile of the illness/charity and wellbeing on a national platform.
  • Report Card The Kevin Beattie will publish an annual progress report

Our Values

  • We convey passion
  • We have a vested interested in the cause we represent.
  • We want to support people that really need it.
  • We advocate empathy
  • We are considerate of the thoughts, feelings, experiences and attitudes of others.
  • We want those who need it to feel supported and listened to.
  • We value quality
  • We want to provide the right service, as well as understand and respond to individuals’ needs.
  • We act with integrity and transparency
  • We are open and honest in our work.
  • We share and evidence our progress.
  • We respect confidentiality and are non-judgemental
  • We treat individuals with dignity and recognise their vulnerability.
  • We understand the importance of confidentiality and conduct our work accordingly.